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Davis and Rawls - Profiles



                                                   Davis and Rawls in the lab, Jan. 1976

                                    Below is a partial list of accomplishments, discoveries
                             and inventions of Davis and Rawls.



Born June 18, 1915, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada; immigrated to U.S. in 1922; naturalized U.S. citizen in 1936. Parents, William Albert and Annie Agnes (Robinson), England. Albert Roy Davis died on August 1, 1984.


Attended University of Florida, 1936.
Studied under Dr. B. E. Roessling (D. Sc., Ph. D.), University of Berlin, 1934-1937.
Studied under Dr. William Campbell, University of Cambridge, 1936-1937.
Studied anthropological behavior under Dr. Robert M. Yerkes, Yale Laboratories of Primate Biology, later named the Yerkes Laboratory of Primate Biology, in Orange Park, Florida.
Studied physics and electronics under Dr. Blaesgame, Jacksonville, Florida, 1936-1938.
Worked and associated with Dr. H. Bingenheimer, Associate Professor of Physics, University of Heidelberg, Germany.

The studies listed above with professors/scientists  were conducted in  the U.S. and Europe.


Established Albert Roy Davis Research Laboratory, Green Cove Springs, Florida, 1936, dedicated to research and development of magnetic effects to organic and non-organic systems from my initial discovery of the two separate energies of magnetism.

Wrote and submitted technical papers in 1946 dealing with the existence and results of thermal emissions (radioactive fallout) as the aftereffect of the atomic bomb. Acknowledged by the Atomic Energy Commission. Congressman Charles E. Bennett (Florida) assisted in obtaining this acknowledgement. General King, USMC, and Colonel Tisdale aided in the primary investigations into the existence of prior knowledge of this secondary effect of the atomic bomb. This then advanced the knowledge that I was one of the first non-official scientists to make this condition known and provable.

Aided in electronic developments, Thomas Edison Laboratories; designed technical instrumentation data for Charles Edison, son of Thomas Edison, 1949.

Introduced the Science of Biomagnetics (electromagnetic applications) to control and/or relieve human illness and disease in India, 1959.  Instrumental in establishing and training doctors and scientists at Naihati Clinic, West Bengal, India, Dr.
A. K. Bhattacharyya (D.C., Ph. D.) in charge, in the Science of Biomagnetics. Acknowledged by the Prime Minister of India, 1971.


Authored 375 courses for science projects for youths and adults. These courses have been shipped to many free nations of the world. All rights released, 1969-1970, to RDL Co., scientific publishers, option for continuance open.

Author, (co-author, Dr. Bhattacharyya, India), "Magnets and Magnetic Fields", (1969) was on display at Smithsonian Institute, Washington, D.C.

Author, "The Master Course on Biomagnetics", on file with The National Academy of Sciences; the Department of Radiological Sciences, Bethesda, Maryland; the Department of Health, Education and Welfare, Washington, D.C.

Co-author, Magnetism and Its Effects on the Living System, 1974.

Co-author, The Magnetic Effect, 1975.

Co-author, The Rainbow in Your Hands, 1976.

Co-author, The Magnetic Blueprint of Life, 1979.


1941-1942, employed under contract to Air Transport Command, U.S. Army Air Force, by National Airlines, under supervision of G. T. Baker. Acted as Classified Security, Aeronautical Electronics Engineer, Top Secret Defense Flight IFF, Instruments. Received top clearance; resigned after one year with full release.

In 1942-1943 entered the U.S. Coast Guard as Port Security C-1A USCG Port Security Service, received honorable discharge 1946-1947. Under direction of U.S. Navy, authorized by Duval County Board of Education, taught aerodynamics, electronics, flight systems and sciences for year and a half. Resigned to again resume research and re-establish the Albert Roy Davis Research Laboratory, Green Cove Springs, Florida, to pursue effects of magnetic fields.

Received commendation from Admiral H. E.  Kimmel, U.S. Navy, for services beyond those obtainable from Naval Electronic Services, Washington, D.C.; commendation carried full commission in U.S. Navy Technical Staff, Ltd. Officer.


Granted numerous patents in U.S. and over 30 foreign countries.

In 1932 became interested in the effects of a magnet's energies on living creatures.

Granted license as radio tube tester using transformerless thermosister systems. Developed first thermosister for heat control to electrical switching systems, removing heat from breaking circuits, 1935.

Discovered that magnetism is composed of two energies, not one, 1936.

Developed magnetic sweep generators for biological application of magnetic/ electromagnetic energies to animals and living systems, 1936.

Developed first anti-static system for car radio reception, 1937.

Discovered first method of capturing the aura (combinations of various energies emanating from all animate and inanimate objects) on photographic paper, late 1930's. 

Discovered and developed methods of applying magnetic fields to animals and subjects that then controlled the pain and speeded up wound recovery and healing, 1939-1940.

Designed and built first ground-to-air landing system, to land first plane to arrive at Green Cove Springs, Florida, Naval Air Station under emergency conditions.

Designed and built first jeep-to-command post radio system used at Camp Blanding, Florida, for use under emergency conditions.

Trained and acknowledged in Sabotage and Anti-Sabotage, Espionage and Anti-Espionage, U.S. Coast Guard PSF, 1942-1943. Designed systems for detection methods.

In 1946 designed, built and operated the first two-way radio system used by the sheriff's office, and proposed for use in all mobile police units. System led to present day two-way radio systems used by police.

Developed an electronic method of capturing the active vortex spin of the two poles of a magnet by electronic transfer to modern acceptable methods of normal photography, 1960-1961. 

Developed first method of extracting food proteins from natural food grasses, green grasses and removal of fibrous cellulose materials, 1968.

Developed first kit for detection of dissolved gold in water, earth, sand or rock for student and survey use, 1972.

Discovered the difference between the cancerous and non-cancerous cell in biological systems after years of effective research on cancer arrest with the first use of separate magnetic energy, over 90% effective, 1956-1974.

Developed first use of separate magnetic energies to change the physical properties of fluids, airs, waters, gasses, 1960-1974.

Developed process of improving high conductivity, non-retentive energy transference alloy, 1969-1975.

Developed medical instrumentations on cardiac control, hypertension control, pancreas control and bladder control, and diagnostic instrumentation all by the application of separate magnetic energy, 1956-1976.


Some of a number of honorary degrees; Doctor of Natural Sciences, Tesla-Edison Foundation, Boston, Massachusetts, 1963.
Professor of Natural Sciences, LSF Foundation, Massachusetts, 1962-1963.
Honorary award from Dr. Van Wagner, Vienna, Dr. of Sciences, for natural science investigations, 1969.
Professor of Aerodynamic Sciences, Duval County Board of Public Instruction, Florida, 1945-1946
Ph. D. in physics, State of Florida
Fellow, College of Human Sciences, University of Montreal (F.C.H.S.).

Nominated to Nobel Committee for Award consideration in Medical Physics in 1976, by Dr. Stefan N. Naydenov to Bengt Gustafsson, Professor, M.D., Secretary of the Nobel Committee for Physiology of Medicine, Stockholm.


The New York Academy of Sciences
The Explorers Club
American Association for Advancement of Science
Director, Albert Roy Davis Aerial Phenomena Research Association, Green Cove Springs, FL
United Science Federation, Green Cove Springs, FL



Born September 13, 1928, in Richmond, Virginia and raised in Gates County, North Carolina. Parents, Walter C. and Ella Freeman. Married Sheila Kirsch Rawls, Doncaster, Yorkshire, England. Sons, James David and Richard Wayne Rawls. Walter C. Rawls, Jr. died in February, 2009.


Military High School in Illinois. (2nd Lt.-age 17 - National Guard)

Bachelor of Arts & Sciences Degree, University of Missouri, 1951.

Juris Doctor Degree, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, 1958.

Other graduate studies: Literature, History &
Art, Law, Finance, and Natural Sciences, including teaching position in France and Germany.

Honorary Degree, Doctor of Science, 1973. Other Honorary Awards.


Former President and Director, Biomagnetics International, Inc.; dedicated to scientific research and development from application of magnetic fields to organic and non-organic systems.

Co-author, Magnetism and Its Effects on the Living System, 1974

Co-author, The Magnetic Effect, 1975.

Co-author, The Rainbow in Your Hands, 1976.

Co-author, The Magnetic Blueprint of Life, 1979.

Fellow, College of Human Sciences, (F.C.H.S.)

Received numerous letters of congratulations, approvals, and verifications of scientific discoveries by educators, scientists, religious leaders, and medical personage, from many countries of the world. That list includes:

  • Several Presidents of the United States
  • The U.S. Representative to the U.N. and
  • The Secretary of State at the Vatican

Nominated to Nobel Committee for Award consideration in Medical Physics in 1976, by Dr. Stefan N. Naydenov to Bengt Gustafsson, Professor, M.D., Secretary of the Nobel Committee for Physiology of Medicine, Stockholm.

Since 1970, contributed over a million dollars of own monies towards scientific research and development against cancer and other diseases, agricultural improvments, etc., in a then-new field of science called Biomagnetism.

Actively assisted in the discovery, development and granting of 43 patents in over thirty countries.

In the legal/scientific area since 1970, voluntarily worked with various branches of our U.S. Government, including Director of Defense Research, U.S. Government, and Naval Research in Maryland. In addition, this list includes other U.S. agencies, various U.S. universities, several thousand doctors and scientists, and some officer or equivalent authority in more than one-half of the governments of the world.

An elected member of the Explorers' Club (New York),  Federation of American Scientists and American Association for the Advancement of Science. (Albert Roy Davis Research Laboratories, received honorary D. Sc. for said work.)

Fellow of the European Medical Association

From 1972 to 1984 Science work occupied over 90% of time. Since 1984 over 98% of time. Phased out much of other activities since 1972 to devote time entirely to scientific research and development.


U.S. officer in Infantry, Artillery and Intelligence, (Army and Civilian), with active service in foreign countries.


Former General Agent in Europe, American Trust Life Insurance Company. (Cover job for intelligence work)

Refused appointment to the position of Deputy Director of the C.I.A. (under President Nixon) [Shortly before Watergate]

Refused appointment Asst. Attorney General U.S. (under Nixon)

Investigative reports on Govt. Agencies, including co-author of a 1970 report "Energy Crisis and Solutions", made to Peter Flanigan, Administrative Aide to the President of the United States. Report approved by President, but never enacted into law.

On this report and some other legal matters with U.S. Government, served with luminaries, including Elmer Hoehn, Washington D.C. attorney and former Director of Oil and Gas Administration under President Johnson, Carl Dresscher, Sinclair International President, Roy Durst, Texas, then representing largest independent gas and oil holdings in the United States, Marshal Jeffers, former Vice President Tenneco Company.


A practicing attorney-at-law, beginning in 1958, predominately beginning with trial work. Later, confined my work to international business, finance, scientific research and development.

Manuscripts on History and Applied Science, including: "History of the Bar", 1965, (Jacksonville Bar Association)

Advisory  Council, Washington University Law School, St. Louis, Missouri, 1970-1978

Admitted in 1971 to practice law before Supreme Court of United States, on sponsorship of former Judge Roger Waybright.

Bar Associations, past and present:

  • Jacksonville Bar, former executive member, Clay, Florida, and American Bar Association
  • International Bar Association, founding member with former president of American Bar, Charles Rhyne, of the World Peace through Law Center in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, July, 1971.
  • Founding Member, World Association of Lawyers
  • Florida and American Trial Lawyers Association
  • American Society International Law
  • American Judicature Society
  • Arbitrator on National Panel, American Arbitration Association

Over one hundred jury trials, most between 1959-1971 (with perhaps as many as 200 including out of court settlements).  Of these cases:

  • Lost less than 7 of those trials.
  • Probably first attorney in Duval County to complete uninsured motorist case successfully under the then new law.

In entire legal career: had over 5,000 case files (over one-third of work done voluntarily or with reduced fees to help clients.)

Offer Council Judgeship appointment 1971,. Refused due to continuing work load being carried at the time.

For about seven years, served on active advisory board, approximately ten members, to own law school. Appointed by Chancellor of University. Served with such notables as Clark Clifford, former Secretary of Defense, Professor Freund, Constitutional Law Expert, Harvard, Dean of Chicago Law School, etc., voluntary service at my own expense.

Received Certificate of Merit in Law, 1967, London Organization for international law work.

Received Certificate for Achievement in Law, 1969, London Organization, for international law.

Have legal opinions on international banking, finance, etc., still honored... for example, approved as expert witness in Federal Court, Salt Lake City, Utah, Judge Jenkins, in early 1982, where lengthy legal opinion written in early 1970's was accepted by the Federal Court and the I.R.S. attorneys as evidence in a Federal case.

Consultant to United Nations, UNIDO office, out of Vienna, Austria, at my own expense on legal, financial, and industrial world development, primarily for developing countries, generally in agriculture and food production. Coordinated with U.S. Government on these activities.

In November-December, 1971, worked in Africa, at my own expense, through facilities of the U.N. and the African Development Bank and with Ministers of a number of African Governments in establishing improved methods for food and agricultural production.

In 1971 was registered with Barclay's Bank International Limited, Head office, London, England, as a food, agricultural and industrial development consultant, and as a financier.

Listed in 1975-1976 World's Who's Who in Finance and Industry.

Actively assisted in programs, at my own expense, as attorney, co-attorney, or financial representative, in arranging large sums of development monies to friendly foreign governments, programs involving funds of ten million to three hundred million dollars. Worked with officials of governments and with a number of foreign banks, including those of the Vatican.

Although since 1970 work has been primarily in Science, I still retained license as an attorney at law. Founded Rawls & Rawls legal partnership in 1982, upon younger son becoming an attorney.


President, Director and Treasurer, Georgia-Florida Oil and Refining Company, Inc. (Inactive)

1986 Who's Who in Technology "World Who's Who in Finance and Industry."

Co-founder and contributor to the Walter Cecil Rawls Museum and Library, Courtland, Virginia, one of the most successful rural libraries in the United States, servicing four (4) counties, and contributor to scholarship funds organized in North Carolina and Virginia for achievement to black and white high school students.


"The National Registry of Prominent Americans."

Have been awarded a Fellow in the International Institute of Human Sciences from McGill University and University of Montreal, which carries with it an honorary Ph. D.

New York Academy of Sciences, founded in 1817, honored  (by board approval) as a member on my Doctor of Science degree.

Received Certificate of Technical Recognition and listed in Who's Who in Technology, 1986 edition, & 1989 edition.