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In 1936 Albert Roy Davis discovered that the North and South poles of magnetism are two separate and distinct energies. North pole energy has the opposite effect as South pole energy. North pole magnetism is the healing energy and South pole magnetism is potentially very dangerous to humans and animals.

There is a lot of confusion regarding the correct identification of the north and south poles of magnetism. It is vitally important that only North pole energy, which has a negative polarity, is used for any type of biomagnetic or magnetic therapy application. 

In addition, there are other important considerations when making a decision on what biomagnetic products to purchase and how to use them properly.

North pole magnetic energy reduces stress, improves memory, and is beneficial for the eyes according to the Davis-Rawls research.

Our web address, Magnet Age dot-com (, was chosen to express to the

world the tremendous significance of the science Albert Roy Davis and Walter C. Rawls, Jr., founded, the Science of Biomagnetics. In their writings they described a future era when biomagnetics would be widely used as The Magnetic Age. As you learn more about biomagnetics, specifically the discoveries of Davis and Rawls, you will come to understand the full meaning of this. What truly sets us apart from all other companies selling biomagnetic and magnetic therapy products? Take a look at our website and the differences will be obvious.

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Our strongest biomagnet, used extensively in Davis-Rawls' medical research, is also best for magnetizing water.

High Energy Biomagnetic Tape

Biomagnetic Lens Glasses

Our High Energy Biomagnetic Tape is ideal when used in a wrap, can magnetize water, and is the best biomagnet for magnetizing seeds.

In this June 5, 2008, interview Walter Rawls gives a thorough overview of biomagnetics and the historic discoveries of the Albert Roy Davis Research Laboratory.