Albert Roy Davis is the true founding father of the Science of Biomagnetics. Biomagnetism, Biomagnetic Science, Magnetic Therapy, etc., are simply terms decribing the same science.

It has now been nearly eighty years since Albert Roy Davis made his initial discovery that there are two separate energies of magnetism with opposite effects on all matter. Roy Davis (as he preferred to be called) was a brilliant scientist, especially in electronics. Although he was involved in other endeavors throughout the first half of his career, most of them scientific, his main focus was always Biomagnetics, also known as Biomagnetism, the science he founded in 1936. For many years he struggled to finance his ongoing research. In 1970 his years of struggle were rewarded when another brilliant man came into his life, one who had the means and ingenuity that when combined with Davis' talents enabled them to accelerate the advancement of the science.

Walter C. Rawls, Jr. acquired an interest in hydroponics through his work with the United Nations and some foreign governments as a means to help underdeveloped countries produce more of their own food. In 1970, through a mutual acquaintance who told him of the work that Roy Davis was doing using magnetism to increase crop yields, an introduction was arranged. Rawls was so intrigued and impressed with Davis' work that he soon began to work with him and ultimately made the decision to give up his other pursuits in order to work full time with Roy on his biomagnetic investigations.

The four books authored by Davis and Rawls, Magnetism and Its Effects on the Living System, The Magnetic Effect, The Rainbow in Your Hands, and The Magnetic Blueprint of Life were first published between 1974 and 1979, yet today, more than 35 years later, few people have knowledge of the differences between North and South Pole magnetic energy and the vast implications of this discovery.

There were a number of noteworthy advancements made at the Albert Roy Davis Research Laboratory (ARD Research Laboratory) since the publication of their first book, Magnetism and Its Effects on the Living System, and up to the passing of Walter Rawls in February, 2009. These include a superior method of bioremediation for cleaning up the environment, an invention to increase crop yields and nutritional values, and research on how to slow the aging process.

The first patent ever granted on the separate energies of magnetism was assigned to Biomagnetics International, Inc., the company founded by Davis and Rawls in 1972, and was entitled Magnetic Field Expansion and Compression Method. This method was successfully tested at Lockheed-Georgia (now known as Lockheed Martin after merging with Martin-Marietta) and several other large corporations. The process may be used in metal fabrication to produce new metals and alloys which are stronger yet weigh less. Superior plastics, fibers, and many other materials can be made through exposure to magnetism as a result of their physical properties having been changed. A better method to grow man-made diamonds, rubies, and other types of crystals for industrial uses was also developed.

 In the field of agriculture, Roy Davis and Walter Rawls invented a device that can magnetize large quantities of seeds in a matter of minutes. They spent years studying the effects of magnetic energy on many different crops and discovered that exposing seeds to either the North or South Pole field, depending on the crop species and variety, resulted in increased yields, increased nutritional content, improved taste, and reduced time to harvest.

Another invention of the ARD Research Laboratory is unipolar or biomagnetic bioremediation. Bioremediation is the use of biological organisms to clean up toxic materials in soil and water. Their invention dramatically improves the  microorganisms' abilities to consume various toxic substances from contaminated soil and water in a fraction of the time it would take using conventional bioremediation methods. In addition, this process, for which they were granted their 41st patent, is superior to all of the alternatives and much less expensive.

 A method was developed by Davis and Rawls to diagnose, with 100% accuracy, the cause location, i.e. the location of the cause rather than the symptom, of any medical problem in animals and humans, often before clinical symptoms have appeared and before detection by x-rays, ultrasound, or various scanning devices now in use. Davis and Rawls developed a complete upgraded electronic
biomagnetic diagnosis system that can be used by just one trained specialist. With the advanced system’s instrumentation, very subtle involuntary responses of the body are indicated, eliminating the previously necessary observation of the sudden tensioning or relaxing of the leg that causes it to appear to shorten or lengthen. Also, this system can give an indication as to how much North Pole magnetic energy is lacking at the cause location.

Their decades of research on cancer led to the invention of a cancer instrumentation that can eliminate cancer from 99% to 100% in three days, principally lung cancer. This device was tested and verified by Columbia University and several other major universities. Rawls was not able to obtain FDA approval for use of this device and considered giving it away if necessary, free of charge, so that it could be used to help those diagnosed with cancer throughout the world. However, he was unable to do so.

Experiments were also conducted on how magnetism affects the biology of aging. Davis and Rawls discovered that animals exposed to North Pole magnetic energy enjoyed a longer life span. This was the basis for a research project on aging later conducted on human subjects in which Walter assisted and advised. The Medical College of Pennsylvania, the oldest medical school in the United States, was the site where a team of scientists headed by
Dr. Vincent J. Cristofalo verified that North Pole magnetism can be used to slow down the aging process. Unfortunately, shortly after the preliminary project was completed funding to this department was cut, halting any further research.

As strange as it may sound, water is also subject to the effects of magnetism. Davis was experimenting with the effects of North and South pole energy on water at least as far back as 1960. He was working with doctors who were using magnetized water with their patients and having great success. In addition to its use in medical applications, North pole water can also be used for industrial purposes, such as in the mixing of concrete to produce stronger foundations, roads, etc. With South pole magnetized water, pipes can be cleaned of scale without the use of harsh chemicals. Agricultural crops can be irrigated with magnetized water to increase growth.

Davis and Rawls discovered that North pole magnetism can increase memory and intelligence in all animals, including humans. They also discovered that South pole exposure to the brain produced very undesirable results and was harmful to animals. This discovery is particularly relevant today because magnets are used in all telephone handsets and headphones. Upon measuring the magnetic polarity of telephone handsets, Davis and Rawls found that every phone they checked radiated South pole magnetism toward the user's brain. Within the last number of years, we have tested many different brands and models of telephones and headphones and it was found that the vast majority still expose the user to the dangerous South pole.

South pole energy surrounds us more and more in our increasingly technological world. Davis and Rawls warned of the uncontrolled proliferation of this energy in our environment. Although the effects will likely be long-term, even inter-generational, it is vital that steps be taken today to minimize exposure. In a seminar that Walter Rawls gave in 1995 he warned, “The presence of South pole magnetism is increasing rapidly and causing disharmony on planet Earth, in human beings, and I firmly believe, all life on earth.“ Unfortunately, this is another area where the work of the ARD Research Laboratory is being ignored. A shielding device was invented and patented at the lab that will redirect the harmful South Pole energy present in all electrical technologies. There is no justifiable reason why this is not currently being utilized to protect all of us and our environment from this harmful energy.

As extraordinary as these discoveries are, this is just a foreshadowing of what can be accomplished in the future if the two separate and distinct energies, North and South Pole, are fully utilized and integrated. No doubt there will be many more discoveries to come as a result of further investigations into this Science of Biomagnetism.

In the writings of Davis and Rawls, and in Dr. Rawls' seminars given in the mid 1990's, it was stated that biomagnetism has limitless applications and that he and Davis had not found any field of human knowledge to which it could not be applied for a greater understanding of ourselves and our environment. We feel that we should clarify the definition of biomagnetics as Davis and Rawls used it throughout their books in different contexts.

Roy Davis proved that magnetism consists of two separate and distinct energies, and in doing so he founded a new science. In order for a new concept to be accepted as a new scientific discovery, experiments demonstrating it must be reproducible, and up until that time previous experiments with magnetism were not. Therefore, part of the definition of biomagnetics is the understanding and use of separate magnetic energies.

Additionally, at the center of every magnet there is a point of zero magnetism called the Bloch Wall. In their first book Davis and Rawls wrote that though there are no magnetic lines of force with a negative or positive pole effect at that point, there is "a division or zero point of energy radiation". The neutral energy at the Bloch Wall is another component of biomagnetics though its radiation effects are not explained in their books.

In Magnetism and Its Effects on the Living System, Davis and Rawls wrote that, "...the atom is in itself a small magnet," and they further stated in The Rainbow In Your Hands, "All energy [including magnetism] is motion, in man and in all material and immaterial matter." So, the term biomagnetics also refers to magnetic energy that is present in, and affects, not only living organisms but all forms of matter, including the nonphysical.

 In Dr. Rawls' seminar given at the International Tesla Society's Extraordinary Science Conference in 1995 he stated that, "All energy is alive." Bio means life or living.
Therefore, it is evident that the term biomagnetics in its broadest sense is defined as: the application of the two separate and distinct energies of magnetism and the study of nature and the universe through the lens of these energies, that are found everywhere and are alive.

Albert Roy Davis: The True Founding Father of the Science of Biomagnetics

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