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We became interested in magnetic therapy in the late 1990's and to our good fortune, found the Albert Roy Davis Research Laboratory early on. After having personally experienced the benefits of the N-1 and N-2 biomagnets, North pole magnetized water, and seeing the North and South pole effects of magnetism on plants when seeds are magnetized, we purchased nearly every product Walter Rawls sold. Due to our great interest in his work we had numerous conversations with him. A few years later due to our continued interest in his work he suggested we start a company selling products he would help us develop. And so Biomagnetics USA began in 2005.

It was our goal to work with Walter and help him continue to develop and implement the Science of Biomagnetics on a large scale. Unfortunately, Walter did not receive the funding he was expecting prior to his sudden death in February, 2009.

It is our mission to make the discoveries Albert Roy Davis and Walter C. Rawls, Jr. made and the science they founded, Biomagnetics, universally known throughout the world for the benefit of all.




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