This article was published circa 1947 or 1948, as written on the back of the laminated copy.

Inventors Test 'Pain Reliever'

A. R. Davis (left) physicist inventor, and H. P. Bingenheimer, electronics expert and co-developer of the Electronic Normalizer, test the first custom made instrument designed to give relief from arthritis and rheumatism. The normalizer is the result of ten years of research started by Davis' desire to alleviate the suffering of his mother.

Son's Desire To Ease Mother's Suffering Resulted In Invention Of 'Pain Reliever'

    Ten years of constant research and development with several hundred people acting as the human guinea pigs have resulted in the creation of a laboratory dedicated to the relief of pain.

    Located on King street in Jacksonville, the Electronic Normalizer Laboratory, one of Florida's most unique industries, is busily engaged in making an instrument invented to give relief to sufferers from arthritis, rheumatism, congestion, stiff muscles and joint and recurrent pains in parts of the body injured years ago in many instances, according to A. R. Davis, inventor and developer of the electronic device.

    Back of this new industry is a story of a desire to help a suffering mother. Mrs. A. R. Davis, the inventor's mother and a long time resident of Nova Scotia and New England, was crippled and confined to her bed with arthritis.

    Notwithstanding the finest treatment and care over a period of years, her pain and suffering continued and were at times unbearable, according to Davis.

    Her son, a physicist, recalled statements made by several professors regarding the pain relief potentialities existing in electronics. He started research to make available certain features of x-ray, violet ray and diathermy in a practical manner capable of properly attacking and combating his mother's ailment.

    He learned that circulation stimulation created by the

sending of forces through the body would be a move in the right direction and from this point made rapid progress.
    He created an instrument apparently capable of assisting the human system in ridding itself, to a greater or lesser degree, of what many physicians and scientists had long believed to be one of the primary causes of arthritis and rheumatism.

    His mother was the human guinea pig for much of this early research. She was finally given so much relief she was able to go about her duties as housewife. Today, "74 years young" as she describes herself, she is the picture of health.

    Naturally, Mrs. Davis told many of her friends and neighbors of her good fortune. Almost without exception, according to Mr. Davis and testimonials seen at the laboratory, they were given relief.

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He received requests from widely scattered parts of the country from people who had learned of the unusual and satisfactory results obtained from what he was now calling the "Electronic Normalizer".

    There were still certain changes advisable in the instrument to make it even more effective, and a laboratory and research program on a much larger scale was going to be necessary.

    In 1944 H. P. Bingenheimer, a man with many years experience in electronics and a background making him an ideal co-developer of the normalizer with Davis decided to combine his research activities with Davis. Ample financial backing and the creation of the King street laboratory followed.

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