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Magnetism and Its Effects on the Living Systemis the first book ever written explaining how magnetism affects your life and the life of all living systems around you. It is the result of years of investigation into the laws of magnetism, and the first book written on the discoveries that a magnet has not one effect on the living system but two effects, each supplied by the two forms of energy that are transmitted from both poles of any and all magnets, even the earth itself, which is a giant magnet.

The fact that the information presented in this book is reproducible and factual allows it to serve also as a scientific paper, the first such paper ever to be written that refrains from the use of any mathematical data. This enables the student, the scientist, as well as the public to read and understand the presented facts. What few laws are introduced are given only as an addition to the well-written and well-presented new and important materials in this book.

You or any other qualified person can reproduce the projects in this book's outlines. The exciting possibilities of altering the genetics of plants, animals, and many forms of life now rest within the new science of Biomagnetics, the name that has been selected for this very important science. Biomagnetics is an all natural science, and unlike acupuncture, which at best affords a limited number of uses, biomagnetics is based on the nature of life itself and when applied to

research into medicine and the medical sciences, offers new and almost unbelievable results. The science of biomagnetics is, as the word indicates, the biological effect of the application of magnetic fields to the living system.  

The effects of magnetic energy transmitted from the two different poles of any magnet on the mind of man and animal alike are explained. ESP is an improper term. Extrasensory perception is not the correct term to explain this phenomenon.

New facts resulting from our research show that when properly applied, a magnet's energies can be used to program improved forms of intelligence and offer additional years to the normal life span of the living system. They cannot continue to be overlooked by the scientific community. No man or nation can afford not to read about these new breakthroughs in science presented in this book.

Acclaim for Magnetism and Its Effects on the Living System

"There is demonstrable healing power in the biomagnetic treatment of human ills as revealed by Albert Roy Davis and Walter C. Rawls, Jr., in their pioneering book, Magnetism and Its Effects on the Living System. It is must reading for all who want to know how to make use of this coming new science of magnetic healing."--Harold Sherman, Chairman, ESP Research Associates Foundation

"...a beautiful job."--Dean Burk, D.Sc., Ph.D., Former Director, National Cancer Institute; President, Dean Burk Foundation

'...remarkable...interesting...readers will be fascinated."--British Naturopathic Journal & Osteopathic Review

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Magnetism and Its Effects on the Living System

by Albert Roy Davis and Walter C. Rawls, Jr.