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Magnetized Water - North and South Pole

Water has always been considered a simple chemical, expressed in chemistry as H2O. Over the last century we have learned more about water than at any other time in the short scientific history of the world. Far from being simple, water is a very complex fluid.

During the 1920's, Einstein wrote his first announcements that he felt harnessing the energy of the atom was then possible. Following this announcement, every major nation in the world undertook to investigate this possibility.

During the 1930's, Russia and France undertook many approaches in developing methods for applying Einstein's theories on releasing energy from the atom. Prior to World War II, during these early atomic experiments, Russia and France found that when water was exposed to a strong magnetic field the basic properties were changed markedly. However, as is still the case today, when a new scientific discovery is made it is not uncommon for a majority of the world's scientists to challenge or dismiss it as unfounded or impractical.

The scientists of many nations continued to dismiss the Russian discoveries, confirmed also by the French scientists. The Russians admitted to the world that their physicists and chemists could offer no explanation as to why water was changed when exposed to magnetic fields. That didn't dissuade them from developing a "magnetic water treater" and applying it to large/small steam boilers, cars, trucks, and military vehicles. The result was an economic boom. Scale, a rocklike coating or precipitate of minerals that are deposited on surfaces that are in contact with water can reduce efficiency and clog pipes, water heaters, equipment and fixtures. You have no doubt seen it as the white to off-white deposits in your faucet, shower head or drain. The removal of scale costs billions of dollars in losses to industries in breakdowns, unplanned shutdowns, expensive parts replacements, etc. The Russians found that scale was broken down and removed with less cost and labor by exposure to magnetic fields than by conventional scale removal methods. Davis and Rawls discovered that South pole magnetized water is superior to bipolar water for removing scale.

Since then, many manufacturers have developed methods to magnetize water to remove scale, though some of these devices aren't designed correctly so they will not give the results claimed. What has happened in the magnetic therapy industry is much the same. When Davis and Rawls published their books in the 1970's they sparked a new interest in magnet therapy, and it wasn't long before other companies rushed to capitalize on their discoveries (some former associates included), all too often with little or no regard for the quality or effectiveness of their own products. Unfortunately, this has negatively affected the public's perception of magnetic therapy and biomagnetism as a whole.

The Russians began using magnetized water in their hospitals many years ago. The water was given internally to patients who experienced a feeling of well-being. Since the Russians were unaware of the
two separate pole effects discovered by Albert Roy Davis, they used bipolar water, water that had been exposed to both the North and South poles of a magnet, the same type of magnetized water commonly used for scale removal. The belief that the energies of a magnet are homogeneous (the same) is still prevalent in the scientific community to this day despite the fact that it has been scientifically demonstrated many thousands of times, by scientists and doctors from many nations of the world, that magnetism does indeed consist of two separate and distinct energies with opposite effects on all matter. Scientists often find it difficult to learn new principles and accept changes that are contrary to their textbook teachings and their accepted theories. This is true also in the research of magnetism and related sciences.

Although bipolar magnetized water has its uses, it should not be consumed by humans or animals. Only water that has been exposed to the North pole energy should be used for human or animal consumption. Davis and Rawls discovered that the surface tension of North pole magnetized water is greater (making it a harder water), there is an increase in hydrogen ion activity, and a reduction of oxygen and dissolved nitrogen levels. Another discovery was that this special water has a positive influence on mental and physical abilities, and the ability to go on living with a more adaptable attitude. In the second book by Davis and Rawls, The Magnetic Effect, they wrote "Supplying the North pole water to listless animals increased activity. They became more interested in their surroundings and were more active in their play."  

Morris Tischler (inventor of the first solid-state pacemaker) wrote in his manual, Biomagnetics in Complementary Medicine, "The consumption of water magnetized by the negative polarity (north pole) can also have a therapeutic effect." "The magnetized water has an alkalizing and oxidizing effect which can influence chemical hypersensitivities, pollution of various sorts, and even insect stings. Most toxins in the body are acidic; this acid can be reduced by the alkalizing effect of magnetized water. In a test performed at M.I.T., it was demonstrated that magnetic effects cause a certain degree of widening of blood vessels (vasodilation). With larger arteries, more blood and oxygen flow to the tissues. Some feel that the alkalizing effect not only normalizes the pH of the blood and body tissues, but it may also reduce cholesterol and triglycerides that adhere to the arterial walls." Our
N-2 biomagnet is the best for magnetizing water, however all of our biomagnets can be used to make magnetized water.

South pole magnetized water has a lower surface tension (making it a softer water) than untreated water. When
magnetized water is used on plants, the South pole exposed water will stimulate them to develop and grow at an accelerated rate. Its' properties enable it to penetrate roots faster than ordinary water. Edible plants will have increased nutrient levels as well, and their taste can even be enhanced as a result. The water itself will actually deposit minerals and enrich the fertility of the soil.

Now you know that magnetic fields do alter the properties of water, and depending on the magnetic polarity used, they alter the properties in different ways. You can now make use of this knowledge in any circumstance in which the use of water is needed or desired for a better end result.