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Thousands of scientists and doctors, several U.S. universities, and many other researchers have verified discoveries made by Davis and Rawls. These are merely a couple of the studies verifying Albert Roy Davis' discovery that there are two separate magnetic energies with opposite effects. In general, the South pole increases growth and the North pole decreases growth. A great deal of research verifying the separate North and South pole energy effects of magnetism has been done, however getting it published in a journal is another matter.

The article published in the Journal of the National Medical Association shows that there was an increase in the growth curve of human lung carcinoma cells (cancer cells) when exposed to positive polarity magnetic fields (South pole). There was a decrease in the growth curve when the cells were exposed to negative polarity magnetic fields (North pole).

J Natl Med Assoc. 1990 Sep; 82(9): 621–624.                                                  PMCID: PMC2626995
Evolving perspectives on the exposure risks from magnetic fields. A. Trappier, P. Lorio, and L. P. Johnson

Based on information from suggesting effects of positive and negative polarity on cancer cells, surveys were performed on magnetic resonance imaging devices, as well as other types of equipment capable of producing appreciable magnetic fields. These surveys were performed in areas where there was a potential for both occupational and general public exposure.

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This abstract is from an article titled, Biodegradation of  Phenol: A Comparative Study With and Without Applying Magnetic Fields, published in the Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology in 1992. Here are some quotes from the article. "An interesting review presented by Davis and Rawls states that there are two types of magnetic energy effects: one that arrests life, growth and development (north pole or negative energies), and one that increases life, growth, and development (south pole or positive energies)." When the magnetic north pole was applied to the system, the decrease in concentration of the phenol was extremely slow, and there was a substantial decrease in oxygen consumption rate. This was due to an inhibitory effect on the microorganisms exposed to the magnetic north. When the magnetic south pole was applied to the system, the phenol concentration decreased rapidly and the rate of dissolved oxygen consumption along with excessive extracellular protein build-up were high. This is due to an enhancing effect of the magnetic south pole." "This project was supported by Biomagnetics Systems Inc., the Hazardous Substances Management Research Center, and the NJIT Biotechology Laboratory. Special acknowledgement is made to the contribution of Gregory Provell and Walter C. Rawls, Jr. of Biomagnetics Systems Inc., in supplying the magnetic equipment and guiding the magnetic portion of the experiment."

In the articles below Davis and Rawls' findings are referenced, however, the researchers did not use separate magnetic polarities in these experiments.

This article was published in Trends in Biotechnology Research in 2013, Volume 2, Issue 1. Biomagnetics Systems, Inc., cited in paragraph two of the Introduction, is a joint venture of Biomagnetics International, Inc., the company Davis and Rawls founded in 1972.
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